domingo, 29 de novembro de 2015

MY PLACES SUISEKI,,arrábida,,portugal

I have a series of preferred places to go scoop up rocks to use as suiseki,,,, the one I use most are inevitably places closer to where I live,,,
Is not in any way an obligation the demand of a stone, but it suits me and relax and I discover a stone i like to then turn into suiseki..
In terms of "drawn stone", one of the places that I use is this "post" a beach with an immensity of grinding wheels that seems impossible, that a lot of times there will, can't find any stone that inspires me to treat as suiseki ...
 but I'm publishing my PLACES SUISEKI, the pictures I do sometimes when I'm in the mood to take the camera.
Today I publish one of my favorite places for this purpose, due to the proximity of where I live..



Some stones that you can't bring home ... hopefully ...


Coleted !!...

A Inter place...


And here a strand of photographer, tried to make two pictures of an islet that lies in front of the beach, and that has the name of Pedra da Anixa ...
But ... didn't leave much, proving that my long range lens, it's not great quality, but it's what I got, keep on the same two that did better days, to get a quality photo of this stone (islet)..
The first is the angle that I love stone and it's pretty hard to find a place to make an image that take this angle ... gave me a chance to work, and the end result was very unsatisfactory..

The second is the direct angle, photographing, piece of cake, although this photograph, is not at all satisfactory, terai a day dedicated only and esclusivamente doing two good images of this stone, on another occasion.

And the only stone of 5 or 6 that truce, which it seems to me that maybe go to treat her for suiseki..
What happens often, only at home can't decipher whether has the potential to save for my modest collection:

Este é um "post" dinamico,,em que vou acrescentando as fotografias que me agradam mais,e das vezes que por lá ou e utilizar apenas imagens de minha autoria,,


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